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Filmmaking Without Film School

In this filmmaking question, a prospective film school student asks what he can do before going to film school. I have not made any films but I am planning to attend film school in two years. In the meantime what are some things I can do to prepare myself? For …


Filmmaking In English

As a filmmaker, it is easy to think that movies made in Hollywood set the standard. But what if you do not live in Hollywood or an English speaking country?  This weeks question comes from a filmmaker who’s native language is not English. He wonders if it is best to …


Is Your Filmmaking Book Good?

I originally wrote the Filmmaking Stuff book to help YOU. I wrote this book because a few years back, myself and some other producers decided to dump ALL of our limited resources into a niche audience focused, silly zombie movie. And while the movie was not Oscar caliber, it did …


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