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Traditional Movie Distribution

Is Traditional Movie Distribution Dead?

A few years back, I produced my first feature film. The movie was rough, but good enough to get us a few distribution offers. But upon reading the fine print, none of the offers seemed like good deals. It was clear we were living in a traditional … Continue Reading

Featured Filmmaking Story

Featured Filmmaking Story

Filmmaking Fanbase

How To Grow Your Filmmaking Fanbase

Filmmakers need a filmmaking fanbase. Without a fanbase, you have no business. Many filmmakers ignore this part of the process. And let's be honest, building an audience … More...

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Movie Industry Success

5 Movie Industry Success Tips

Living in Los Angeles, I have met countless would-be filmmakers who move here with great film career expectations, only to be chewed up and spit out. The reason most Hollywood … More...

Sell Your Movie Idea

How To Sell Your Movie Idea

If you want to sell your movie idea and actually get your movie made, you need to stop procrastinating and take action. To do this, start the process by breaking your BIG … More...