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Cynicism Won't Make Movies

Cynicism Won’t Make Movies

As a filmmaker, it’s easy to make excuses for why you aren’t making movies. Maybe you don’t have enough experience, time, money, connections, friends or [fill in the blank with your best reason HERE.]

More Filmmaking Stuff

More Filmmaking Stuff

More Filmmaking Stuff


How To Find Movie Investors

Every business has a sales cycle. This is no different for the independent filmmaking business. Having a long term perspective and patience is essential. The trouble is, as an ambitious filmmaker…

filmmaking success mindset

Filmmaking Success Mindset

Getting your filmmaking work noticed requires persistence, tenacity and an unyielding ability to overcome obstacles and keep going, even when doing so seems impossible and crazy.

Film Distribution System

Film Distribution System

While modern distribution technology provides access to mainstream marketplaces, this shift represents new challenges. Find out how to sell your movie.


Thoughts On PluralEyes

In this filmmaking article, filmmaker Michael Head shares his thoughts on PluralEyes audio sync software.