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Gaffer Tape

The Minimalist Guide to Gaffer Tape

Marty Gage knows about gaffer tape. He teamed up with a leading tape manufacturer and in 2013 launched Gaffer Power, a company determined to create the market’s best gaffer tape.

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filmmaking niche

What is Your Filmmaking Niche?

While not every movie is guaranteed success, it is much easier to find your audience when you understand your filmaking niche. Read more…

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Best Screenwriting Books

Best Screenwriting Books

The best screenwriting books always include Syd Field, William Goldman, and Robert McKee. But in this article, we explore less obvious screenwriting books.

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Cynicism Won't Make Movies

Cynicism Won’t Make Movies

As a filmmaker, it’s easy to make excuses for why you aren’t making movies. Maybe you don’t have enough experience, time, money, connections, friends or [fill in the blank with your best reason HERE.]


How To Find Movie Investors

Every business has a sales cycle. This is no different for the independent filmmaking business. Having a long term perspective and patience is essential. The trouble is, as an ambitious filmmaker…