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More Filmmaking Stuff

Sony FS7 Image

Thoughts on The Sony FS7

The Sony FS7 is an amazing looking product that seems aimed at Canon’s C line, and the high frame rates for a (relatively) low cost make it [read more...]

More Filmmaking Stuff

Hacking Hollywood

3 Tips For Hacking Hollywood

How will you compete with small filmmakers all over the globe for the same eyeballs? Gone are the days when upfront cash advances paid off your budget. What will you…

Film Production Checklist

Who Else Wants a Film Production Checklist?

As a filmmaker, one of the toughest parts about making a movie is knowing where to start. The following film production checklist will give you an overview of the low budget, independent filmmaking process.

Sell Your Movie Checklist Download

Download This Sell Your Movie Checklist

Making a movie is exciting. But behind all the excitement, you’re wondering: “How am I going to sell this thing?” Download this how to sell your movie checklist.


How to Navigate AFM – The Ultimate Guide

With the American Film Market coming up, many filmmakers are wondering how to navigate AFM and get the best distribution deal for their movies. Read more to find out…