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Is Filmmaking Your Hobby or Business?

filmmaking hobby or business

As a filmmaker, when you set out to make your movie – you have to think of the process like a business. You are creating a product.You are going to take your product to market. And if the stars align, you will sell your product. To do this you will need…

The Shocking Truth About VOD Sales Projections

vod sales projections

Because distribution was once discriminatory, many first time independent feature filmmakers had to hold their breath in hopes their movies would get into a film festival, buil buzz, and (hopefully) garner a great distribution deal, complete with a cash advance. But that is an outdated model.

How to Take Charge of Your Movie Promotion

movie promotion

The whole world of movie distribution is changing. This is important because the success of you movie depends on distribution. Given the deterioration of DVD sales channels, to become successful as a filmmaker, YOU are now responsible for sourcing, engaging and selling your movie to your intended target audience.

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