Writing a screenplay-hold that template!

Or it may be that in the middle of my script things drag along too slowly–a common problem of first drafts. In that case, reminding myself that the traditional story model calls for escalating conflict can lead to better consideration of how I can add incidents that ramp up the tension and drama.

How to Write Your Movie Script

Based on my decade of making movies (and prior to that, working as a reader for a producer in New York City) – I am in the final stages of production. This screenwriting system will be based on a new step-by-step, fill in the blank approach to writing a movie script.

screenwriting software

If you’re a writer, or a writer director or a writer-director-producer, or simply a producer working with a writer, sooner or later it would behoove you to purchase some professional screenwriting software. To the best of my knowledge, the industry standard hovers between Final Draft and Movie Magic Screenwriter. I personally prefer Final Draft. But … Read More