How Film Funding Expert Tom Malloy Raised Over 25M

When I got started in filmmaking, one of the biggest mysteries was how filmmakers found investors. I spent countless weeks and months seeking answers to the age old question: “How do I raise money to make my movie?” That one question sent me on a quest that involved dentists, doctors, car dealers, international pre-sales and … Read More

Film Crowdfunding

There are a lot of filmmakers who think it’s still 1990. While it is nice to dream of Hollywood deals, the Modern Moviemaker refuses to ask permission. Film crowdfuding is gaining popularity as a viable way to raise money for movies. Aside from raising money, the more important aspects of crowdfunding include testing, proving and … Read More

SEC, IPO, Filmmaking and Movie Investors

Have you heard of people going out to the stock exchange and buying shares of stock? Have you heard about an IPO, which is an Initial Public Offering? Both examples revolve around the public side of investing. You can go public if you’re a well-established company and meet the stock exchange requirements. Guess what? Most … Read More