How To Build Your Filmmaking Team Without Crooks


What I’m about to share is a cautionary tale, which should hopefully provide insights on how to build your filmmaking team, so you don’t get screwed in the process. Picture this – A few friends get together to make movies. One buddy liked to write screenplays. Another buddy had a camera and was honing his … Read more

How to Make a Micro-Budget Feature Without Spending a Fortune

A little while back, we completed a micro-budget feature called “Wake Me When I Leave.” It’s a sixty-four minute psychological horror thriller. And it depicts the mental state of a woman (Jenna D’Angelo) as she drifts in and out of dreams, focused on her boyfriend (Michael Fentin.) The narrative jumps all over the place, from … Read more

Filmmaking the Hard Way

If you’ve been visiting filmmaking stuff for any length of time, you know that I am relatively bullish on the ways new methods in film distribution are shaping our industry. Never before have audiences been so fragmented. And never back have filmmakers had the vast array of distribution tools available. There is no doubt that … Read more

Sell Your Movie: A New Distribution Model For Indie Film

sell your movie

If you’ve ever wondered what it takes to finance and sell your movie… Then your guess is as good as the studio’s guess. Micro-budget movies are changing the landscape. In this article Jason Brubaker discusses some things filmmakers can expect when it comes time to sell your movie…