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Use This Secret Filmmaking Strategy So You Can Get Your Film Made

Have you ever known a filmmaker who sent their demo reel into the Hollywood abyss? Maybe they sent it to an agency or a production company in hopes someone would discover their talent and hire them. Similarly, many screenwriters and aspiring actors have been known to employ this strategy too.

filmmaking skill

The Most Important Filmmaking Skill

As a filmmaker, you probably spend most of your time watching movies, discussing movies and thinking of ideas for your next movie. If you’re new to filmmaking, you probably dream of Hollywood fame. And if you’re a veteran filmmaker, you probably dream of making enough movie money to pay your mortgage. But regardless of how you define success in your own filmmaking life, I can tell you there is one trait that is essential…

How To Find Free Filming Locations

Free Filming Locations – How To Find The Perfect Spot & Save Money

Many filmmakers limit opportunities based on misguided beliefs. In order to make a feature film, many of these Hollywood hopefuls set their sights on raising a gazillion dollars. But without a track record or a working understanding of how to connect the dots, many would-be filmmakers fall short. In this post, you’re going to learn … Read More