How To Make Your First Feature Without Going Bonkers

first feature

Sooner or later the filmmaking bug hits you. . . It’s like a far off voice or compulsion. But like breathing, for the serious independent filmmaker, the need to make a feature is always present.

I Wrote My First Screenplay, Now What?


If you just finished your first screenplay, congratulations! Writing a script is a super cool accomplishment. But don’t go crazy. Just because you have a script doesn’t mean Hollywood is going to come knocking. Like any business, you now have something to sell. And part of your job is finding the appropriate buyer. In Hollywood, agents … Read more

Screenwriting: write what you don’t know

An interesting twist on the old “write what you know” adage comes from aspiring screenwriter Mark McCann, who also is a policeman. One of his shorts was produced and has won some prizes and one of his feature scripts has just been optioned–for the fifth time. He told Arkansas Online: “I try to avoid writing movies … Read more