distributing your film

72 Awesome Resources for Distributing Your Film (For Indie Filmmakers)

When it comes to distributing your film, you’ll quickly find a bunch of fuddy-duddies telling you that you need to win a major festival like Sundance to be successful. The problem with this is obvious. Very few filmmakers actually get accepted into major festivals. Heck, very few filmmakers actually get a good distribution deal. So … Read More

video on demand distribution

How to Avoid Crappy Video On Demand Distribution Deals

Many filmmakers with an independent movie and no deal make the mistake of forking over their VOD rights to bottom-feeding traditional DVD distribution companies, promising to their titles onto iTunes. In some cases, these filmmakers give up their rights for up to seven years.Why?

Modern Moviemaking Explained

I believe video on demand distribution represents freedom for filmmakers. While there are many great sales agents and distributors, I am totally bothered by the sales agents and middle-men who have taken a bottom-feeding approach to VOD. These jerks make a living trying to sucker unsuspecting filmmakers into long term video on demand deals that suck. I put together the following video to express my disgust and also provide a new hope. As a modern moviemaker, there has never been a better time to make, market and sell your movies without the middle-man.

Make Filmmaking Your Next Small Business

“If you want to make a living making movies, you need to realize that your library and the subsequent audience you source (over your career) are your major assets. And, as a result, your most important filmmaking focus (aside from doing good work) is to acquire and keep a customer,” he emphasizes.