Five Useful Filmmaking Tips So You Can Make A Movie

Looking for filmmaking tips so you can actually get off your butt and make a film? The truth is, you’re not alone. To many filmmakers, the challenge of making a movie can feel overwhelming. So I decided to share filmmaking tips so you can take action.

Here are five filmmaking tactics to help you get your movie made over the next year.

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Here Are Five Useful Filmmaking Tips

1. Answer this filmmaking question: One of the most important filmmaking tips I can give you is to always ask yourself the following question.

Given the resources that you have right now, what is the movie that you can make this year?

Seriously. One big reason you haven’t made a movie is because you’re still waiting for everything to be perfect. I have news. Nothing will ever be perfect. In my experience, it is better that you take action towards making the movie you can produce this year than wait around.

2. Get your hands on a good screenplay: Without a great script nothing else matters. But when you’re shooting on a budget, you also need make sure your story falls into the resource parameters discussed in step one. If your screenplay does not fit the parameters, you either need to alter your story or get a new script.

Note: If you need help coming up with some screenplay ideas, you might enjoy 101 Short Film Ideas or my Write Your Movie system.

3. Load your screenplay into the Lightspeed production management software. This is one of the best innovations, possibly ever. You load your screenplay and create a script breakdown. You can later use this software to manage your production.

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4. Take your schedule and create a budget: After you break your screenplay into all the necessary elements, you will create a budget so you can assign a price tag to each element. If you find your budget is not inline with your cash limitations, you either need to raise more money or you need to repeat steps one through four.

5. Create a Crowdfunding Campaign: There are three reasons you would want to create a crowdfunding campaign. Firstly, a crowdfunding campaign allows you to test your movie concept before you actually make your movie. If successful, your concept may work in the marketplace. Secondly, crowdfunding allows you to test the reach of your social network and expand it. And finally, a successful crowdfunding campaign will give you some necessary cash.

Anyway, I hope these filmmaking tips help you get one step closer to your filmmaking goals. And if you’d like more stuff, you might want to grab a copy of my filmmaker action pack.

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