Do You Need A Degree To Make Movies?

Going to film school is good for many aspiring filmmakers. You make a bunch of friends with people who share similar interests, determination and drive. These people will form the foundation of your professional network. And if you attend one of the BIG schools, it’s going to look great on your resume… Problem is, unless you plan to teach, you don’t need a degree to make movies.

degree to make movies

Do You Need A Degree To Make Movies?

Unlike becoming a doctor, dentist or lawyer, a film degree is not a prerequisite for an awesome career in movies. There is a difference between a degree and an education. Having clear goals, combined with a great work ethic and a subsequent hard working reputation will open the doors to your dreams. An when these doors open, you’ll quickly realize your Hollywood success is a result of your experience and attitude, not your degree.

No matter where you get your education, whether it is on the street or in the classroom, three things matter most in your movie making career. One is your ability to sell (yourself and your projects). The second is your ability to make friends. And the third is your ability to show up on time and do a great job.

Concentrate on mastering these areas and you’ll gain a reputation of being trustworthy. When money is on the line, trust is your number one asset. If nobody trusts you, then you may as well quit today.

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