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Crowdfunding For Filmmakers: How To Create Irresistible Incentives

crowdfunding for filmmakers

Crowdfunding incentives (perks/rewards) are the muscle and might behind an indie film campaign. Lately, however, I see filmmakers getting less and less creative and innovative with them, so I’m sharing Chapter Fourteen of Crowdfunding for Filmmakers – 2nd Edition exclusively with Filmmaking Stuff so you’ll know that there is more than one way …


What Carole Lee Dean Can Teach Us About Producing


If you were making movies 20 years ago it would cost you 10 times more to make a film. So ask yourself, “why was I given so much talent and born during the third most important time in the history of mankind.” Here you are with a great opportunity and all that talent. Do you really believe the universe would put you here at this time and not finance you? Of course not.

How to Take Charge of Your Crowdfunding Videos

crowdfunding videos

You have probably watched crowdfunding videos where filmmakers talk about the film they are going to make without showing what they are capable of. Talking about a film is one thing, but creating and finishing it is another. If you’re a first time director, how do you create trust and …


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