Filmmaking Tactics That Work

Horror Independent

If I knew then, what I know now, I would have started making horror comedies from day one. There are many reasons I say this. I’ll list five. 1. Horror comedy movies are fun to make.2. With a good hook, buzz can go viral.3. People will forgive you for a rough-around-the-edge aesthetic.4. Getting splattered with … Read More

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Filmmaking Lesson 18 Production Part 2

Once you build momentum during production, assuming you meticulously planned everything, you’ll soon find that most everyone working on the movie will fall into a collective, collaborative groove. And it’s an awesome feeling! PRODUCTION, PART 2 Even when everything is going as planned, or sometimes better than planned, you still need to make sure you … Read More

Filmmaking Lesson 21 Distribution

SELF DISTRIBUTION By now, you probably have a website that promotes your movie. You can now rework your website into an e-commerce site by establishing an online distribution solution. Assuming you started with a strong hook, you’ll now be able to leverage your story to help accelerate buzz and make some sales. Selling your movie … Read More