VOD platforms

Understanding Windowing: The 3 Types Of VOD Platforms

“Oh my gosh, we broke a window!” Hang around Hollywood long enough and you’ll eventually a some movie executive talk about how VOD platforms have completely changed the landscape of film distribution. And if you listen long enough, you might even hear some talk about the good-old-days. As it turns out, distributing your film digitally … Read More

film funding mindset

How To Develop Your Film Funding Mindset Like A Mogul

What if I told you that one of the definitive keys for funding your film came from within your mind? In my personal experience raising money, I would say that having a film funding mindset is essential.  What do I mean by that?  Well, we’re talking about convincing yourself that you can raise enough money … Read More

Attract A Film Crew

How To Attract A Film Crew For Your No-Budget Project

Okay, you want to make a movie.  You’ve got those creative juices flowing, and you need an outlet.  You have a GREAT idea, a technique in mind, and a screenplay that rocks.  You’re missing only one teensy thing: Money. You don’t have the money to attract a film crew.  If you had money, you’d be … Read More

film mentor

The Importance Of Finding An Experienced Film Mentor

Depending on your level of skill, finding a film mentor could be similar a producing partner. If you have a mentor that’s going to show you the ropes, that could easily be a Producing partner. If you’re bringing some kind of value, whether it’d be financing or a killer script or something that that is … Read More

get distribution

Get Distribution Before Your Film Is Finished

What if you could get distribution before your film is finished? While it’s no secret that this could stack the deck in your favor, it’s easier said than done. In fact, getting to this point in my career took many years and many mistakes before I figured it out. So speaking from experience, if you’re … Read More

pitch your film

How To Pitch Your Film Idea To Investors Like A Total Boss

When comes time to pitch your film idea, most industry pros agree you’ll need a killer script, a realistic budget, and a cast and crew that fits the project. In fact, these are all elements that you deal with before you’re in front of a prospective investor. But what happens when you actually get face to … Read More