When To Upgrade Your Digital Camera

When To Upgrade Your Digital Camera

Ever wonder when you should upgrade your digital camera? A reader recently wrote in with a digital camera question related to full frame versus crop sensor. Question: I am thinking of shooting my movie with a 28mm lens on the 70d. What do you think? Am I better off upgrading to a full frame digital … Read more

Thoughts On The Sigma 24-36mm Lens

Sigma 24-36mm Lens

Most filmmaking tech geeks (including me) get excited about new cameras without giving much thought to lenses. But before the light of our image ever touches the camera sensor, it has to pass through the lens. So while new camera bodies are released every year (see: Sony A7r II, for example), a good set of … Read more

Indie Film Gear Guide For Entrepreneurial Filmmakers


One of the first things people ask when they decide to start filmmaking is this: What indie film gear should I get? My first answer is usually “use what you have.” This is because having more expensive gear does not make you a better filmmaker. But continued practice with the indie film gear you already … Read more

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