Your Screenplay Opening

Some screenwriters think that just about every screenplay should open with a bang of some kind: perhaps a literal explosion, or a murder, or a chase.Those may well be good choices for certain stories, but my take on this is that what an opening actually needs to do is to prompt two questions and one feeling in your audience…

Why it’s hard to write romantic comedy

If you can write a good romantic comedy you’ll find lots of people interested. The problem is that it’s getting harder. The reason is that this genre is all about keeping people apart. For instance, here are some traditional methods for making sure the lovers don’t get together until late in the story: Geography – … Read More

Screenwriting: Why Kim Cattrall got mad at me

If you’re writing a script to be read by someone who is possibly going to buy it, you want to make it as easy and entertaining as possible. Yes, it’s easy to overdo the parentheticals, ideally your dialogue itself suggests how it will be delivered. But when it helps, go ahead. A sarcastic remark from an actress is not too high a price to pay.