The Basics Of Movie Lighting Techniques For Indie Filmmakers

Filmmaking Camera For Your Movie

As a filmmaker, here is the one question that is most often asked – What filmmaking camera should I buy? This depends on your budget. If you’re an entry level filmmaker and looking to buy with a limited budget, your best bet is still the Canon T2i. Canon has released …


DSLR cage

Camera operating can be tricky in its own right, but when it comes to being a one man band, where you’re in charge of both camera and audio – then things can get pretty difficult. With the DSLR craze, it can seem at times ridiculous to build out a full-scale camera rig. In some instances, doing so can defeat the purpose of shooting with these cameras, especially if you’re going guerilla…

GoPro Hero Time Lapse

The GoPro Hero can be utilized for time lapse footage. When dealing with time lapses, it’s all about doing the correct math. Not only because you want your end product to be a certain length, but also when dealing with the storage space while creating a time lapse.

Canon DSLR Camera

As a filmmaker, if you’re interested in buying a Canon DSLR camera, I would go with the Canon T2i. If you have the budget to buy the Canon 5D Mark II – hold off…

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