Tom Malloy is a movie producer who does the filmmaking stuff he teaches

Tom understands what it takes to close an investor and to even find them! He is an excellent teacher, and I recommend him.

– Carole Joyce, Film Producer

Meet Tom Malloy

Tom Malloy is a film producer, actor, and writer. Over the course of his career, he has raised over twenty-five million dollars to produce and distribute multiple feature films.

As a member of the Writers Guild of America, Malloy has written over thirty screenplays. Many of these scripts have been optioned, sold, or made into movies.

As an actor, Malloy has starred in movies with Elisabeth Moss, Eliza Dushku, Tim Hutton, Cary Elwes, Betty White, Billy Zane, Amy Smart, and Briana Evigan.

In 2009 Tom Malloy authored BANKROLL, which became essential reading for thousands of film producers and students worldwide.

Malloy loves sharing his knowledge and experience with other film producers. Check out some of Tom Malloy’s online filmmaking courses below:

The Filmmaker Action Pack – Producing 101

Movie Plan Pro – Film Business Plan Template

Get Film Distribution – How To Sell Your Movie

Filmmaking Stuff HQ – Monthly Membership

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