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A few weeks back I silently released a new product called The Indie Producer’s Guide to Digital Self Distribution. The product involves a step-by-step workbook and action guide to teach you how to self distribute your movie on the internet.  This was actually version 1.0 – and I am planning some MAJOR updates.

Let me explain. . .

I know a lot of people are talking about how to distribute movies on the internet. But like a lot of  the internet information, much of the stuff out there is fluff, brought to you by folks who have never actually produced and distributed their movie on the internet. And because I have had a TON of success marketing and self distributing my movie on the internet, I want to share my knowledge with you.

If you read my articles, you probably know our first feature (a silly zombie movie) would have been a flop if it wasn’t for internet marketing. Like a lot of you, the movie was rejected by every distributor on the planet. (Ok. We did get some deals. But they were horrible!)

So through trial and error and a lot of sleepless nights, we got our movie on the internet and it started selling. That was almost three years ago – and I am pleased to say, as I type these words – our little zombie movie is still selling. There is no middleman. And there is no need for a traditional distribution company.

Anyway, in compiling the 2.0 version of The Indie Producer’s Guide To Digital Self Distribution, I really took all of my internet movie marketing experience and shoved it into a system that you can implement for your own movie, today. (By today, I mean immediately. Even if you aren’t a tech geek.)

The Indie Producer’s Guide to Digital Self Distribution contains a crazy amount of material — first I provide you with a step-by-step guide, with a no-holds-barred recount of my personal story – I share what worked and what didn’t for our movie (so you don’t have to repeat my silly mistakes.) The system will also include a 65-step movie distribution checklist, over 90 minutes of MP3 audio instruction and several bonuses – all geared to help you get your movie selling like crazy.

Back to the Contest: The winners will get the entire product, including ongoing updates and a 30 minute digitial self distribution coaching session with me (over the phone or Skipe). I totally love this stuff and am so happy whenever I hear of a filmmaker who has resurrected his or her movie from the dusty book shelf.

UPDATE: The contest has ended years ago. But if you’d like access to the most up-to-date version of my sell your movie system, visit:



  1. dr khader says

    hi i have made a found footage movie and its in post like you said iam confused how to go about it traditional way or self distribution

  2. says

    Hello Jason. Its been ages since you wrote this blog and were giving out free stuff, but I just came across it and am interested, regardless of the odds :)

    I am developing a feature action/fantasy film in southern AZ. I have been working in the movie business for 10 years now. I started as a stuntman and actor, then got behind the scenes and over the years have worked in every job on set that there is. I’ve worked hollywood movies and no budget nothing movies that never saw that light of day and everything inbetween. It was a hard road!

    I’ve directed several shorts, and a few years ago I helped produce, assistant direct and edit a romantic comedy we made for only 2700$. Considering the incredibly amount of obstacles we came across the movie turned out to be not a complete mess. But like many stories, we had no plan. We went to war to create the movie and have something we are proud of, but ended up dead in the water with no options and no guidance. The movie is now up for free on Vimeo and will never make a penny.

    This was traumatic. But recently I have pooled my resources and have brought together a group of professionals, stuntment, pyrotechnicians and amazing actors and crew. I have everything I need to get a really great project going, and for extremely low budget considering the nature of the stunts and pyrotechnics… anyway,

    The only way to sell it to investors these days is to have an in-depth marketing plan. And I have been developing a direct-to-consumer approach for months. I finally made some headway recently in finding some real “focused” and valuable information on the process of self distribution online and how to make it work and be profitable. This will be the key element in creating my self distribution company for independent films in the southwest.

    I have been looking at your blogs, and at your product you have for sale and am very interested. I am a starving artist these days (I am also a professional Illustrator and an aspiring comic book artist, I used to do storyboards for some hollywood companies). All said and done, I am no longer looking to do things in a traditional way. Instead, I want to take hold of my own artistic and professional destiny. I have everything I need except the information, which I am now learning and quickly.

    Thanks for your posts and teachings. It is inspirational. take care

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