Who Needs Traditional Distribution?

As a filmmaker, selling your movie usually involves traditional distribution – film festivals, schmoozing, phone calls, follow up and a whole bunch of NOs and crappy distribution offers. And even when you get your movie into the market, there are still no guarantees that your movie will be a success. This can be discouraging.

Earlier today I spoke with to David Branin and Karen Worden of the popular filmmaking resource, Film Courage. After completing their feature film, Goodbye Promise, they decided to forgo film festivals and avoid the typical filmmaker distribution path. Instead they decided on a simple distribution strategy that involved YouTube and the popular crowdfunding site called IndieGoGo.

In the following interview (which was unplanned and unscripted), we talk about our filmmaking backgrounds, the projects we are working on and case studies – Pay special attention when we start talking about case studies related to crowdfunding. We highlight the good and maybe more important, the not-so-good realities of trying to raise money

You can check out the interview here:


After watching the interview, you can contribute to the Goodbye Promise Indiegogo campaign.

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