New Hampshire Film Festival Marketing Panel

The world of film distribution is changing fast. A while back I participated the New Hampshire Film Festival marketing panel with movie marketing and distribution professionals, including folks from Oscilloscope Pictures, Magnolia and the movie marketing heavyweight, Tim Nett.

Many of the participants represent well known movie companies. As a result, the  panel was valuable because many of the thoughts shared on movie marketing and distribution were based on traditional, best practices.

If you were unable to attend the festival – no worries. The innovative folks recorded our New Hampshire Film Festival Marketing Panel discussion. And I have posted it below. In the video, you will see how my thoughts on film distribution and movie marketing are geared towards filmmakers who do not have a budget for a traditional movie marketing campaign.

If you are planning to make your movie – please always remember to include a marketing budget with your business plan. The reason for this is simple. Filmmakers are now responsible for the marketing, sales and distribution of their own movies. This money should be spent on your movie artwork, your website, your trailer, press releases and film festival submission. You should also include money for your required deliverables.

Hopefully sharing some of the latest trends in film distribution and movie marketing will provide you with at least one or two tips you can add to your own filmmaking projects.

Watch live streaming video from fuelstream at

I would like to personally thank our moderator Amy Greenlaw of FilmPop! –  As well as Dan Hannon and Brett Carneiro and the other folks who put together the New Hampshire Film Festival Marketing Panel.

If YOU would like more information on how to sell your movie, check out the Indie Producer’s Guide To Digital Self-Distribution. In the guide, I provide an overview how to get your movie seen and selling in the popular video on demand marketplaces.