The Secret Filmmaking Strategy

Have you ever known a filmmaker who sent their demo reel into the Hollywood abyss? Maybe they sent it to an agency or a production company in hopes someone would discover their talent and hire them. Similarly, many screenwriters and aspiring actors have been known to employ this strategy too.


Can you think of any other industry where culture dictates you must first garner permission before you “start your own business?” What are you waiting for?

Here is a simple solution for all you actors, screenwriters and filmmakers.

STOP asking permission!

Instead get together and start your own production company. Write a screenplay that you can produce this year and grab a camera. In this scenario, the writers write. The actors act. And the filmmakers stop talking and start doing.

This is a far better use of your time than waiting for someone to open your mail, read your query letter or watch your short film… If you’re a Modern MovieMaker, you already know what I’m saying. If this is new for you, and you like it, welcome to the filmmaking world of Jason Brubaker. Get on my mailing list here.


  1. Alexander says

    Interesting yet not totally accurate. Most filmmakers make their films and submit to film festivals in hopes of getting fame and fortune. Those that submit their work to agencies and such, are doing so only for the hopes of getting some sort of job in film.
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