VOD Release Windows

What Movie Distributors Don't Want You To Know

Whenever someone mentions VOD release windows, I am instantly transported back to a time before video on demand. And yes. . . In this film distribution article, we are going to talk about VOD Release Windows so you can improve your chances of having a successful film distribution experience! But first, a little context. As a kid, I remember one night when my mom and … [Read more...]

Movie Distribution Company Pipe Dream

As a feature filmmaker, it is important to maintain positive thinking and keep your fingers crossed for a great distribution deal. But the reality is – the movie industry is changing. New methods of distribution including Video On Demand and internet viewing continually erodes traditional sales channels. Good news and bad news: The good news is, you now have one of … [Read more...]

How To Make A Living Filmmaking

Recently a question posed by filmmaker Ben Rock over at Neptune Salad gave me a good reason to think about (and share) my filmmaking business philosophy in detail. Here is the question: "Is there a way to make enough money on any kind of self-distribution that a filmmaker can repay investors and eek out a middle-class existence?" I felt like this question required a … [Read more...]