20 Filmmaker Thought Leaders To Follow on Twitter

Filmmaker Thought Leaders on Twitter

As a filmmaker, Twitter is awesome and allows you to interact with filmmakers and Hollywood types who would otherwise be inaccessible. This is a good thing! While there are a lot of great people sharing filmmaking tips on Twitter, the problem is, there are a LOT of filmmakers Tweeting! To help you out, I have listed 20 Filmmakers To Follow on Twitter. 20 Filmmaker … [Read more...]

Would You Cast Actors Based On Twitter?


Yesterday I met with a pretty well known Indie producer. We were talking about audience engagement and how filmmakers are now responsible for sourcing an audience. I'm a sucker for useful, actionable tips. So I asked him how he engages his audience. Actors Hired Based On Their Twitter Followers To give you an idea of budget range, this guy produces movies around … [Read more...]

Film Fundraising: 5 Crowdfunding Mistakes to Avoid


In this guest filmmaking article, filmmaker Brad Kageno shares what he learned with his crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter and provides you with 5 Crowdfunding mistakes to avoid... Film Fundraising: 5 Crowdfunding Mistakes to Avoid As I type this, I am halfway through my Kickstarter campaign for my feature I Hate You.  We're about one-third of the way toward our goal, … [Read more...]

Advertise Your Movie on StumbleUpon

When you're in the middle of the filmmaking process, you probably aren't thinking about ways to advertise your movie online. I want to provide you with a little secret:  Advertise your movie on StumbleUpon StumbleUpon is a social bookmarking tool that allows people to share interesting websites with their StumbleUpon  networks as well as Facebook, Twitter and email … [Read more...]

Modern Moviemaking Explained

As a filmmaker, I don't need to tell you that things are changing. It seems like every day, the filmmaking community shares news of some new way to make, market and sell movies. I believe video on demand distribution represents freedom for filmmakers. While there are many great sales agents and distributors, I am totally bothered by the sales agents and middle-men who have … [Read more...]