How Film Finance Expert Tom Malloy Raised Over 25M

film finance expert Tom Malloy

When I got started in filmmaking, one of the biggest mysteries was how filmmakers found investors. I spent countless weeks and months seeking answers to the age old questions all indie filmmakers have: “How do I raise money to make my movie?” That one question sent me on a quest that involved dentists, doctors, car […]

Filmmaking Success in 30 Minutes or Less


To become a filmmaking success, you actually have to get a movie made, seen and sold. Advances in technology makes this much easier than years ago. These days filmmakers can utilize crowdfunding, find inexpensive cameras and distribute movies globally through one of the many VOD platforms. This means you can wake up every day imagining […]

The Toughest Part Of Filmmaking


If you are working to get your movie made, keep in mind that the toughest part of the process is getting started. Many would-be filmmakers sit around all year waiting for everything to be perfect. Not you. The sooner you realize your movie will never be perfect the better. This frees you up to get […]