Film Production Horror Story


One of my earliest gigs in New York was a disaster. I am not kidding. At the time, I was renting the corner of some kitchen, where I slept on an inflatable air mattress. I thought there was honor in being a starving filmmaker. That sentiment, combined with a dwindling bank account meant I would take any gig I could get. This gig paid fifty dollars, I think. It also involved … [Read more...]

Back From Sundance


I'm back from Sundance. This was one of those trips that you don't plan. But when you get a call from someone in Utah asking if you would like to participate in a panel on crowd funding and modern movie distribution (at Sundance) you have to go! So picture this. My bags are packed, I'm loading my car - and then I get a call from the airline. My flight has been canceled! UGH. … [Read more...]

Are You Making These Mistakes In Filmmaking?

Independent moviemaking has changed forever. If you are still holding out for the Sundance dream, you are wasting your time. What is the Sundance dream? It's the thought that you'll make a movie, get into Sundance and garner a gazillion dollars. While I encourage you to think big, if you are basing your movie business on the Sundance dream, you are making a BIG mistake in … [Read more...]

Keven Smith talks Movie Distribution

I love Kevin Smith's attitude towards modern movie distribution. If you're like most independent filmmakers, what Kevin was able to accomplish from his days of Clerks has been amazing. Back then, he not only dreamed the Sundance Dream, but he realized the dream. The Sundance dream is the idea that you will make your movie, get into Sundance, sell your movie and live happily … [Read more...]

Modern Filmmaking Business Plan

Most filmmaking business plans are stupid. Why? Because most filmmakers have no idea how to project a possible return on investment. Don't feel bad. It's not your fault. Until five years ago, distribution was discriminatory, abusive and monopolistic. As a result, the old business model for indie filmmaking relied heavily on some 3rd party, middle-man distribution … [Read more...]