Filmmaking Success Tips For Sourcing An Audience

Because of an eroding DVD market, the modern moviemaking model dictates that you (as a filmmaker) must treat your independent movie business just like any other small business.

YOU have a product (your movie) and YOU must sell your product. In order to sell your product, you must find a customer and convince them that your movie is worth more than their money. Obvious right?

But most filmmakers have no idea how to find a customer.  It’s not your fault. I blame the STUPID notion that filmmakers should concentrate solely on making movies without considering how to source their target audience.  Think about it. Filmmakers traditionally depended on some sort of middle-man distributor to come in deus ex machina style to provide a big fat cash advance. But that was then…

Now, as a result of DSLR technology, you have a whole world of filmmakers flooding the market with awesomely good-looking backyard indies.  It’s an example of supply and demand. There are too many movies! And there are too few traditional deals. And sadly, most filmmakers have no idea how to get their movies seen and selling. As a result, the entire world of indie filmmaking is belly-up.

The only way modern moviemakers can compete and succeed is to learn from traditional small businesses. Filmmakers must focus on finding creative ways to produce movies inexpensively and spend tremendous effort (and little money) sourcing an audience. Which, when you compare the filmmaker’s need for customer acquisition to other businesses, it’s really the same thing.

Welcome to the new movie business!

So who wins? Filmmakers who can source an audience for their movies are in better shape than those who can not. Period.

How do your source an audience: In two words – Internet marketing.

I got news for you. Selling a movie online is no different than selling an eBook! But not everybody knows how to sell things online. That is OK. I explain this in my book. And for those of you not ready to get my book (so you can discover my mad movie marketing methods) – here is a tip as well as an actionable item: Crowdfunding.

By now you’ve heard of crowdfunding. But the little secret that nobody is talking about is this – Not all movie projects will get fully funded by the crowd. BUT, by creating a campaign, you essentially get the word out about your movie. You increase your YouTube hits (because you presumably embed your trailer into your campaign)… And even if your campaign is not successfully funded, anybody who did donate is now part of your future audience. Hmmm.

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The Secret To Filmmaking Success

If I could go back and talk to myself ten years ago… And if I could only share one filmmaking success tip, what would I say?

In two words: Cold Calling.

I know this may sound unrelated to filmmaking. But I can tell you that success is not created in a vacuum. It is created with the help and support of other people, including mentors and customers.

And while it is true that some people stumble upon contacts and get lucky, I would venture to say that over 90 percent of self-made successful people got what they wanted in life by utilizing some variation of the following three success tips:

First: They knew what they wanted.

Second: They made a plan to get what they wanted.

Third: They picked up the phone and cold called people who could help make their plan a reality.

Think about it. Could you go to “networking events” and try to find folks to help introduce you to the appropriate contact? Yes. But just as easily you could pick up the phone, call your prospective contact’s place of business and try to get him or her on the phone to make your pitch.

Will you get through? Maybe. Maybe not. But if you had a list of 100 prospects and you called all the people on that list, odds are good you would find someone willing to sit down with you.

Why is this important to your filmmaking? Because unless you ASK for what you want, how is anybody in life going to know how to find you?

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5 Movie Industry Success Tips

A young Lai Man-Wai in 1913 in Zhuangzi Tests ...
First Movie in Hong Kong Image via Wikipedia

If you want to get ahead in the crazy industry of movies, you would be best to follow the following 5 tips for movie industry success:


1. Read every business book you can, even the ones not related to movies. In fact, focus on business books not related to movies. Why? For many of you, most of your potential investors will work in other industries. You’ll want to know how to frame your movie project in such a way that it sounds like sound business!

Get a Job

2. If you have to take a job to survive, you may as well learn how to sell. I say this because no matter what you do, your success will depend on your ability to sell yourself and your projects. Plus, as an added bonus, professional sales people sometimes make more than doctors and lawyers.

Set Clear Goals

3. Have a clear idea of what you want to accomplish in your movie career. So many people are clueless. They go around and around, always saying things like: “This is going to be the year I really get focused.” Twenty years later, they are saying the same stuff. If you haven’t written down your filmmaking goals, you run the risk of becoming one of those people. Don’t do that.

Greenlight Yourself!

4. In the event you are between industry jobs, create your own project. These days, making short movies and uploading to YouTube is super inexpensive. There is no excuse not to make skits and try to gauge audience reaction. No good responses, then make another movie. Try to learn how to make things happen on the small screen, and the big screen will follow.

Become  a Marketing Machine

5. Finally, in ways akin to learning how to sell, you must also learn a thing or two about internet marketing. Distribution is changing. And in time, everything may well be video on demand. You need to prepare for this shift… In the future success will belong to the best marketers. (You still need to do good work!)

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