Your Movie Facebook Fan Page Is Not Big Enough

In this filmmaking Podcast, I decided to share details about WHY you need to build a facebook fan page. I also decided to mandate other elements, such as baseline subscribers for Twitter and your mailing list.

If you like this filmmaking stuff, make sure you grab these professional filmmaking tools.

Audience Database For Your Movie

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With the demise of traditional DVD distribution, you as a filmmaker are responsible for your audience. Why? Because your audience is your business – and without an audience you will have no movie business.

Having an audience database for your movie is essential.

Whenever I give talks, I make people repeat this aloud. This gets a few chuckles, but kidding aside – this is important stuff for any filmmaker.

Building Your Audience Database

As a professional filmmaker, you need to build a database of people who know you and know your work. But don’t let the word “database” throw you off. A database doesn’t have to be complex. At the miminum, it is simply a list of the names and emails of your subscribers.

Once you have this info, you can easily generate personalized email, letters and phone calls to your audience. And having a list allows you to directly promote your current movie project or an upcoming movie project.

Tools For Building Your List

Most of your list building efforts will happen online. So you need hosting for your website. And I suggest you go with a company that allows you to easily set up a WordPress powered website. That way, you’ll be able to grab a copy of the fully optimized WordPress Template for Filmmakers.

But let’s face it… Even with the greatest movie website on earth – The truth is, most of your movie website visitors will NOT buy your movie on the first visit to your site. Think about it. Most people are busy.

So in addition to marketing your current movie (and all of your future movies), you will need an easy way to capture and collect visitor email addresses. I recommend Aweber as an easy way to build your audience list.  And after you grab Aweber, I suggest utilizing this tool to increase subscriber opt-ins.


How To Make A YouTube Channel

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I often receive emails from filmmaking subscribers  asking how they can get their work produced and seen. My response is – grab a camera and find out how to make a YouTube channel.

The reasons I emphasize YouTube is because, it’s global, owned by Google (making it a huge search engine) and because the site has a social networking component built in.

Here are the steps on how to Make a YouTube Channel:

  1. Go to YouTube
  2. Click on  “Create Account.”
  3. Once signed in, Click: “Upload”

Start uploading your short movies. Also, if you already have a YouTube channel, feel free to share your YouTube links in the comment section below.