Filmmaking Techniques

I have found YouTube to be a great resource for filmmaking techniques. The following video, aptly described as "Filmmaking Techniques" is a totally cool way of demonstrating a variety of camera techniques. It comes from Curtis Brownjohn, a former high school student of Darwin High School. It is about three years old - and I only hope this student has gone on to bigger … [Read more...]

Thoughts on Film School


Somewhere between 11th and 12th grade, when most of my (then) classmates were taking weekend trips with their families to check out prospective colleges, I was goofing off. I know, I know. Maybe I shouldn't admit that. But at age 17, a college education wasn't high on my list of priorities. And besides, I knew what I wanted to do. I wanted to make movies. I can't … [Read more...]

My Filmmaking Story – Part 1


When I got out of college I could think of no other vocation that appealed to me more than filmmaking. So, like most graduates, I sent out resumes extolling my wonderful academic achievements, packaged in specially purchased, elegantly designed resume envelopes. In the days that followed, I awaited the influx of telephone calls from would-be employers, eager to snatch up … [Read more...]