Filmmaking Techniques

The following video, aptly described as “Filmmaking Techniques” is a totally genius way of demonstrating a variety of camera techniques. It comes from a high school student at Darwin High School. It is about three years old – and I only hope this student has gone on to bigger and better filmmaking projects.

Thoughts on Film School


In this article, Hollywood film producer Jason Brubaker shares his thoughts on the pros and cons of film school for aspiring filmmakers currently weighing the options between traditional film school (and the price tag) or one of the many hands-on filmmaking education alternatives…

My Filmmaking Story – Part 1


In the morning, I would wake up with cupcakes mashed in my hair, stare at my fat face in the bathroom mirror, and leave for my appliance sales job. When sales were slow at the store, I would order cheeseburgers, and start eating. One day, when I really felt bad about my sad existence, I decided to do something. I went into my cubicle and started writing a screenplay. Since I never wrote a screenplay, I had no idea what I was doing. But I was so frustrated, and fat, and hating my life, that it didn’t take long until I had a first draft…