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If you’re already a seasoned feature filmmaker, take a moment and think back: Do you remember when the idea of making movies seemed like a far away dream?

Do you remember when you first got the idea for your movie? Do you remember Your first day of production? Do you remember your first screening and how well everyone loved your work?

That happened to me with my first feature. Like you, I thought our movie would get into Sundance, play well, build buzz and if we were really lucky, we had hoped the movie would garner us a 3 picture deal. But that didn’t happen.

Sure, we got some offers, but they were not “deals.” (A deal actually pays money!)

So instead of exchanging our movie for an empty promise, we decided to try selling our movie on the internet. Little did I know, this one decision has changed the course of my movie making life. That was five years ago…

And since that time, the internet as evolved. If you’re a filmmaker with a movie, you need to get it selling in all the popular internet marketplaces, including Amazon and iTunes.

You don’t need a middle-man to make this profitable. I am going to show you my internet marketing secrets…

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Movie Distribution Company

For those of you who have completed your feature film, one of the biggest challenges you have is finding a movie distribution company and a great deal.

I am currently working on the release of our first feature documentary called Toxic Soup and I can tell you that things are changing daily out there. The world of distribution as we once knew it – well, it’s gone. Fortuantly, I know a thing or two about getting some ROI on movies via internet self distribution.

I am working with some folks to create a one-stop-shop for those of you who wish to market and sell your movie so you don’t have to settle for a crappy deal. There is enormous need for it. I forget some times that most filmmakers would rather focus on making movies and let someone else handle the marketing and sales. Anyway, stay tuned – I’ll have a solution in a few short weeks.

And for those of you who can’t wait, my article on digital self distribution will hit the stands in an issue of Movie Maker Magazine. Hopefully this will be a good starting point for you.

If you are in a situation where you have a movie, but no deal – please feel free to leave a comment on this site, or email me directly. It will help me address your concerns.

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