Are You A Rebel Without a Crew?


Working in film distribution, one of my previous jobs involved pitching a catalog of movies to the El Rey Network. Talking with those guys was surreal in a sense, because I totally remember reading and being inspired by (the founder of El Rey) Robert Rodriguez's book Rebel Without a Crew. Rebel Without a Crew tells the story of how Robert Rodriguez was able to fund and make … [Read more...]

How To Make Money On YouTube

Make Money on YouTube

Back when I was a kid, there was this epic movie called Wayne's World. The movie focused on these guys who had a television station in their basement. Like a lot of filmmakers, I thought the idea of having my own television station was amazing! But at that time, VHS was all the rage, which says a little about the technological shortcomings of my youth. YouTube has changed … [Read more...]

Mobile Filmmaking: Make Short Films On Your Smart Device

Mobile Filmmaking

Years ago, the idea of shooting short movies on your camera phone wasn't possible. But as our phones become larger, more powerful and evermore like mini media centers, mobile filmmaking using tablets, phablets and phones has become a popular way to make short films. Mobile Filmmaking: Make Short Films On Your Smart Device To get started with mobile filmmaking, you simply … [Read more...]

Making A Short Film: 5 Tips For New Filmmakers

Making A Short Film

Making a short film is the rite of passage for many new filmmakers. If you have never made a short film, now is the time. Seriously. Not only are there a gazillion film festivals that offer a short movie program, but with websites like YouTube, you have the ability to reach a global audience. This is better than the old days. Back then, making a short film meant that … [Read more...]

Filmmaking Tips For Beginners


In this guest filmmaking article, producer Susan Ngozi Nwokedi provides Filmmaking Tips For Beginners. Growing up in Nigeria, I remember watching movies and wondering how could I be one of the actors in the film or how could I make movies like the one I was watching. My desire to work in entertainment stayed with me for years. And luckily, it wasn’t long before I moved to … [Read more...]