How To Sell Your Short Film On iTunes

If you’re wondering how to sell your short film on iTunes, you’re not alone.

As you know, iTunes is one of the most prestigious platforms for selling movies. And when you think about it, aside from putting your short film in festivals, you might be wondering what to next.

It is at this point when many filmmakers either decide to put the movie on YouTube or put the movie in a closet. Thanks to our friends at Distribber (I once worked at Distribber full time. Now I just promote the heck out of them.) – Anyway, you now have the option for selling your short film on iTunes.

How To Sell Your Short Film On iTunes

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 How To Sell Your Short Film On iTunes

Before you fully decide to sell your short film on iTunes, it is important to know that getting on iTunes is more involved than simply uploading your movie on YouTube. There is no direct upload process. Getting your short film onto iTunes will involve putting your movie through the submission process.

This means that in addition to investing few hundred dollars to cover the submission, your movie will have to pass a rigorous, manual quality control process. This is because iTunes is very particular about the technical quality of the movies they accept.

It helps if you start the process by getting all of your deliverables in order.

STEP ONE: You will need the following deliverables:

– File: Pro Res 422 HQ
– 1920 × 1080
– Native Frame Rate
– Film: 23.98
– Video:29.97i
– Audio: Must have 8 channels of audio, or if not shot with 5.1 then you may submit in Stereo:
5.1 – L, R, C, LFE, Ls, Rs / PCM Little Endian Each audio channel needs to be its own track Ch. 7 stereo left, Ch. 8 stereo right / PCM Little Endian / Each audio channel needs to be its own track.

STEP TWO: Once you meet the technical specs, you will also need to make sure you have closed captions. For acceptance into the US iTunes store, the closed captions file must be in the .scc file format.

Note: If you do not have closed captions, Distribber offers an additional service to create them.

STEP THREE: The next step is to submit your short film to Distribber. You will be asked to select the type of movie you’d like to submit. You obviously want to choose “SHORT FILM.”

Sell Your Short Film On iTunesDistribber is a filmmaker friendly company. You simply pay them a one-time up-front fee. From there, they either get your movie into iTunes or they give your money back, minus a processing fee.

For some filmmakers, showing the world that you can complete a project and also get it onto a prestigious platform feels pretty dang good.  And as part of my promotional agreement, Distribber also provides Filmmaking Stuff readers a discount on the submission. Click here to get started.

Short Horror Filmmaking With One Last Dive

If you are looking for short film ideas, you might want to consider making a short horror film. My buddy sent me the one below called The Last Dive by Jason Eisener (Hobo With A Shotgun). This short was part of the 3:07AM project, aimed to help promote The Conjuring.

I thought Jason Eisener did a great job of creating and keeping the tension. And while I sort of knew something bad was going to happen – I couldn’t take my eyes off of it.

If you want to get into short horror filmmaking, all you really need is a camera and an uber spooky idea. As you can see from this example, you don’t need much dialog or lighting. But what you do need is a strong point of view and the ability to engage your audience in a short amount of time.

What is your favorite Short Horror movie?

Funny Short Film Ideas

Many filmmakers waste months and years trying to make everything perfect. These same filmmakers fill their closets with valuable camera gear that collects dust and never gets used. If that’s you, stop it. I know making a movie is scary. Your first few short films will suck. This is part of the process… You must first get all the sucky short films out of your system.

With that said, one of the easiest things you can do is come up with funny short film ideas. For  virtually no money, you can get together with some friends and make your short. Once complete you can put it on YouTube.

My buddy Jared did this. In the following YouTube clip you’ll see how he captured the essence of vomit.

My point of sharing this isn’t to gross you out. (Although if you did get grossed out, you can blame it on the actor Andy Allen.)  The reason I wanted to show you this is to prove that it doesn’t take a lot to come up with funny short film ideas and practice your craft. If you made a plan to make 52 small videos like this, and upload each one to YouTube you would have the equivalent of a film school education.

But more than film school, you would actually be well on your way to engaging the target audience and creating a name for yourself. If you would like more filmmaking information check out these filmmaking tools.

Short Film Ideas