Question: Should Filmmakers Move To Hollywood?


Should filmmakers move to Hollywood? That's the question I asked myself as I packed everything I could into my car. I had spent the previous year grinding towards filmmaking success in New York City, while sleeping on an inflatable air mattress. And after burning through my bank account, I was looking for a change. Hollywood seemed like a much more exciting … [Read more...]

Is Traditional Movie Distribution Dead?

Traditional Movie Distribution

A few years back, I produced my first feature film. The movie was rough, but good enough to get us a few distribution offers. But upon reading the fine print, none of the offers seemed like good deals. It was clear we were living in a traditional distribution paradigm. Make a movie, get into festivals, get noticed, get distribution, get screwed in the process. At the same … [Read more...]

Download My Sell Your Movie Checklist

Sell Your Movie

Film distribution is changing fast. What worked in the old days, doesn't work anymore. And if you're looking for information on how to sell your movie, you've come to the right place! Since you're reading this article, I'm guessing you are one of two types of filmmakers. Either you made a movie or you are working towards making your next movie. In both instances, learning … [Read more...]

How To Sell Your Movie On Hulu

Sell Your Movie On Hulu

When it comes to movie distribution, maximizing revenue is essential. And while iTunes and Amazon are popular first window transactional (TVOD) marketplaces, once the sales slow down, it may make sense to expand your reach. One platform that is gaining popularity is Hulu. Unlike transactional platforms, Hulu does not require viewers to enter a credit card (and transact each … [Read more...]

How To Sell Your Movie On iTunes


If you are asking yourself "how do I get my movie on iTunes?" you're not alone. In the past the process of getting your movie on iTunes was challenging. But that has changed. Gone are the days when you need to ask for permission to access iTunes. How Do I Get My Movie On iTunes? Step 1 - Watch Out For Film Distributor Shenanigans If you spend time in film festivals, … [Read more...]