3 Screenwriting Pitfalls That Will Wreck Your Career

Screenwriting Pitfalls

Most novice screenwriters think getting screwed over in Hollywood all boils down to story theft, but in truth, story theft rarely takes place.  Instead, they overlook the very real screenwriting pitfalls that can cause unnecessary career setbacks. 3 Screenwriting Pitfalls That Will Wreck Your Career What follows are some of the real-world situations you need to be … [Read more...]

Three Reasons to Be Your Own Screenwriting Agent

screenwriting agent

The ongoing myth that you ‘need an Agent’ to get your screenplay seen by Hollywood’s gatekeepers continues to hold back countless writers from gaining real traction with their careers. Does this mean a screenwriting agent serves no purpose?  Or that you won’t someday work with one?  Or that agents are only out to screw you over?  Of course not! Three Reasons to Be Your … [Read more...]

Tips for Screenwriters

Assuming you get your script into hands of potential buyers, I want to help you avoid the trash. So here are some things, when I was reading, that got my attention in a negative way: 1. The script was not in proper format. Seriously, they have software for this. You’re a professional. Go out and get a copy of Final Draft. FD is industry standard. 2. The script was bound … [Read more...]

Screenwriting is writing.

I worked for a producer in New York City. It was my job to read, evaluate and write coverage on screenplays in hopes of finding a gem. In one year, I read hundreds and hundreds of scripts. Unfortunately, I only found a couple potential gems and most everything else ended up in the recycle bin. I’ll explain later on how to avoid some of these pitfalls, but first things … [Read more...]