Crowdfunding To Source An Audience for Your Filmmaking

Your filmmaking crowdfunding campaign will allow you to raise money – but as an important ancillary benefit, your campaign will also allow you test your movie concept with a built in, responsive focus group. Assuming you reach your funding goal, you will not only generate your initial buzz…

Filmmaker David Allen Talks Modern Moviemaking and VOD Distribution

The Gates of Hell Movie Cast & Crew

Earlier this week, I caught wind of an indie production company based in Australia called Rapidfire Productions. This is a production company that operates as a self sustaining modern moviemaking business. They develop movies, get money, make their movies and through their own distribution arm, the company reaches the masses.

Find Your Target Audience | Sell Your Movie PT 2


Once you have refined your movie concept, you can use this as a springboard to further locate blogs, websites and publications already targeting your target audience. For example, when you Google “boxing” you will get over forty-nine million results.

Screenwriting Tips By Jurgen Wolff

Earlier this week, veteran Hollywood screenwriter Jurgen Wolff stopped by Filmmaking Stuff to offer three valuable screeenwriting tips and also, tell you about his upcoming writing workshop in Las Vegas.