Get Press To Cover Your Movie Projects

If you asked me how to get press to cover your movie projects ten years ago, I would have told you to hire a publicist and rent a hot air balloon. The old mandate was to always have something newsworthy to say or refrain from sharing with the press.

Thanks to social media sharing, what is now considered newsworthy varies depending on your audience. And as a filmmaker, the reason you share your movie news isn’t necessary to get on the national nightly news, although I am not discounting that as a viable press vehicle. It is just a little old school.

Unless you are totally new to indie filmmaking, you probably know movie promotion is evolving. As a result, your success for getting movies seen and selling depends on your ability to:

  1. Get your movie into popular marketplaces.
  2. Drive targeted traffic to those marketplaces.

By now you should know that there are many ways to enter the movie marketplace. That’s not difficult. Note: If you are having difficulty getting your movie into the marketplace, visit: How To Sell Your Movie.

But once your movie is live in the market, how do you drive targeted traffic to your point of sale? More importantly, how do you achieve this inexpensively?

One easy answer is online press release distribution.

Thanks to something called real simple syndication, or RSS for short – You can quickly spread news about your movie to any website configured to aggregate information from RSS feeds. These sites then re-post your “news,” complete with backlinks to your movie website. And doing this can improve your online search-ability and help your movie stand out from all the noise.

In other words, you can get traffic to your website, for free.

The service I use for all my press release submissions is PRWeb. The site allows you to compose a release and see how it will look as you write it.  And depending on what package you pick, you can also choose to embed a video of your movie trailer and photos right into your release.

From there, your news will be distributed to bloggers and websites all over the world. To find out more about the service, click the ad below – yes – they do pay us to promote. But again, we use PRWeb for all our releases:

PRWeb Press Release Newswire

Happy filmmaking!

Market Your Movie With Press Releases

simplified version of the RSS feed icon

RSS feed Image via Wikipedia

If you find yourself with a movie and no idea how to sell it, get back to the basics. Unless you get an awesome distribution deal, then you are responsible for the success of your movie. The good news is, most of your sales will come from the internet. And you can get started today.

Set up your movie website at movie site host then create a way to capture targeted traffic and grow your audience list . Once you have the foundation, your next step is to drive targeted traffic to your website.

One simple way to drive traffic to your movie website is through the use of frequent press release submission.

Unlike the old days, releasing your press through the internet means you are no longer limited to traditional journalists. Instead, you can rest assured that your press will be syndicated through RSS feeds. RSS is short for real simple syndication – and many websites aggregate information from RSS feeds and re-post the “news,” complete with backlinks to your movie site.

There are quite a few paid press release submission services out there… But for $5 dollars, you can check out and usually find someone willing to release your press for you.

Anyway, if you like this tip, you’ll love the official Movie Maker Action Pack. Grab a copy today.