Leverage Your Following | Sell Your Movie PT 7


One of the most important filmmaking strategies you must adopt in this era of modern moviemaking is a long term perspective. In years past, filmmakers focused on making one movie, selling it and then moving on to the next movie. While the idea of creating multiple titles over the course of your filmmaking career has not changed, it is now vitally important that you plan a … [Read more...]

Sell Your Movie

Lasky's Original Studio, AKA The Barn --  Image via Wikipedia If you've made a movie or you're working to make your movie (and I hope you are), you might also be thinking about how you're going to sell the sucker. I mean, despite the fact that filmmaking is fun there is a business component to it. If you fail to think in terms of Return On Investment (ROI), then getting … [Read more...]

Independent Film Funding

I've been getting a lot of email from up-and-coming filmmakers asking if there are any websites that help filmmakers find investors for their movie. In past articles, I've talked about money and some reasons why you need to be very careful in this arena. But the latest series of emails reminded me of a time when I had the same questions. So just like you, dear reader, I did … [Read more...]