How To Make It In Hollywood


If you want to know how to make it Hollywood, you're obviously not alone. It is easy to dream about becoming the next Hollywood hotshot. You get to town and everybody around you is doing amazing things. Typical conversations revolve around careers in entertainment: "What do you do?" "I'm a director." When I first moved to Los Angeles, I met these people a lot. We went … [Read more...]

How To Deal With Filmmaking Rejection

A few months back, I detailed my experience pitching a project to a prospective investor. As of yesterday, my investor backed out of the deal. The explanation: the project is too risky. The truth is, the idealized imaginings of actually getting a project off the ground are euphoric. And nobody (not even me), likes it when a deal falls apart. So while this type of rejection … [Read more...]

The Secret To Filmmaking Success

If I could go back and talk to myself ten years ago... And if I could only share one filmmaking success tip, what would I say? In two words: Cold Calling. I know this may sound unrelated to filmmaking. But I can tell you that success is not created in a vacuum. It is created with the help and support of other people, including mentors and customers. And while it is true … [Read more...]