How to Generate A Sticky Story Your Audience Will Love

sticky story

What do you think is the most important element of your pitch? After listening to thousands of pitches I can tell you that a “sticky story,” not just a story, but one I can easily remember. When you pitch someone it’s an opportunity to spread the word about your film to all their friends, right? Yes, but only if they can remember it. “Made to Stick” by Chip and Dan Heath … [Read more...]

How to apply “show, don’t tell” in screenplays

I have a fairly large collection of “pitching sessions from hell” stories, but there was one that stands out because I blew it—afterward. This was early in my career, and actually the pitching session itself went great. The executive loved the idea and commissioned a script for a TV movie. I wrote the treatment, which included quite a few vivid character … [Read more...]

How To Deal With Filmmaking Rejection

A few months back, I detailed my experience pitching a project to a prospective investor. As of yesterday, my investor backed out of the deal. The explanation: the project is too risky. The truth is, the idealized imaginings of actually getting a project off the ground are euphoric. And nobody (not even me), likes it when a deal falls apart. So while this type of rejection … [Read more...]

Filmmaking Seminar Los Angeles


For Los Angeles based fimmakers looking to take their show to business, I recommend checking out the next  Norman Berns workshop.  In this full-day, hands-on instruction, you will gain experience on the following: MATCHING SCRIPT and BUDGET - SCHEDULING - BUDGETING BUSINESS PLANS - PITCHING - FUNDRAISING DEVELOPING THE DECK MARKETING - DISTRIBUTION - SALES Your day will … [Read more...]

Filmmaking or why modern moviemakers should not ask permission

I did it again. I refined a concept and wrote a business plan. I made the pitch. I got a warm reception and now months have gone by with radio silence. If you're into filmmaking and you're also trying to get projects off the ground - I understand what you're going through. The ongoing question I get: "How will this make money?" While it's safe to provide projections - any … [Read more...]