The Shocking Truth About Your Movie Idea

movie idea

As a filmmaker your success depends on your ability to stand up and proclaim "I have a movie idea!" But the shocking (or not-so-shocking) truth is, everybody has a movie idea. Very few of these ideas will ever get made into a movie. The trick is figuring out which movie idea actually has a chance of flickering across the big screen. And beyond imagination, which of your … [Read more...]

Who Is Your Target Audience?

Build Your Audience

The other day I posted this question to our Facebook Filmmaking Stuff community: "Who is your target audience?" The responses were varied. Filmmakers chimed in with everything from "tweens" to "adults over 30." Many filmmakers responded with the word: "Everybody!" While I love the enthusiasm, without much exception, defining your audience by age or gender is extremely … [Read more...]

Movie Distribution

When I put on talks about internet movie distribution, I am often asked if filmmakers should still consider finding a traditional theatrical or DVD distribution deal. My answer to that question is simple: If you have an offer and you're happy, it's a deal. The problem is, most traditional movie distribution offers suck. And the bigger problem is, most filmmakers don't … [Read more...]

How To Find Your Movie Niche Audience

Do not make a movie unless you know how to access your movie niche audience. I know the drill - you probably think this filmmaking advice is way too business oriented. I don't care. A few years back, I got involved in a project "for the love" without considering who would actually buy the movie. Guess what? The movie died. The movie did not make money. And several of my … [Read more...]