Who Is Your Target Audience?


Every week at least one filmmaker emails me with something like this: “I made a movie and we just won best picture at a regional festival you never heard of! In this movie marketing article, find out how I respond.

I Have A Movie Idea

As a serious entrepreneurial filmmaker you may have heard a lot of different advice when it comes to making movies. In fact most filmmakers will tell you it’s better to take action and do something rather than doing nothing. And while I agree with this sentiment, in a world flooded with cheaply produced backyard indies, I urge you take a few moments to consider your chances for making money…

Movie Distribution

When talking about movie distribution, I am often asked if filmmakers should still consider finding a traditional theatrical or DVD distribution deal. My answer to that question is simple: If you have an offer and you’re happy, it’s a deal.

How To Find Your Movie Niche Audience

If asked who your target audience is, you may be tempted to say, “My movie is appealing to everybody.” And I’ll say – Everybody is nobody…