Movie Work is Reality

I know you’re tired. I know you are working a day job that drains all of your energy. But if you don’t finish your screenplay, make your short, or plan your feature this year, who will…

Fighting The Urge To Quit Filmmaking

Picture this! You leave your small town and move to New York City so you could go after your filmmaking dreams. Because you don’t have much money, you rent the edge of some dude’s cockroach infested kitchen floor – sleeping on an inflatable air mattress…

Filmmaking Training From a Mentor

As a filmmaker, establishing a mentor is invaluable. Without my mentor, I would have never gone to NYC, would have never made a movie and would have never fell on my financial face—and recovered. Consequently, I would have never made the move to California, produced features or written these words.

How to Write Your Movie Script


Based on my decade of making movies (and prior to that, working as a reader for a producer in New York City) – I am in the final stages of production. This screenwriting system will be based on a new step-by-step, fill in the blank approach to writing a movie script.