Fighting The Urge To Quit Filmmaking

Quit Filmmaking

Filmmaking can be challenging. Many times you face obstacles you never imagined. And sometimes the thought of quitting just makes sense. Do you ever fight the urge to quit filmmaking? Believe me, I have been there. When I first started, a few things sucked. Here's my story: Fighting The Urge To Quit Filmmaking Picture this! You leave your small town and move to New … [Read more...]

Movie Work is Reality


My friend, the famed horror novelist (and screenwriter) Craig Spector once shared some advice about getting movie work that I have been rolling around in my mind ever since. I had just moved to New York City and I was sleeping on an inflatable air mattress in the corner of some guy's kitchen. I had no idea what I was doing. Movie Work is Reality At the time, Craig was … [Read more...]

Filmmaking Training From a Mentor

Mentors are role models who take a vested interest in your success. Sometimes, you meet your mentor when least expected, and they will help guide your filmmaking career. A mentor will provide insight and will often direct you toward a successful outcome. This doesn’t necessary mean your mentor will enter into a business relationship with you, but he or she may offer … [Read more...]

How to Write Your Movie Script


... And actually finish your first draft. Over the past year,  I have received countless movie pitches. Some were good. Some not-so-good. This is pretty typical in LA, as a lot of people say they have a screenplay. But the sad reality is, hardly anybody has a finished movie script. In some cases many filmmakers and screenwriters don't even have the first draft for a … [Read more...]