Grow Your Email List In 3 Simple Steps!


Hollywood spends a gazillion dollars on movie marketing each year. But most independent filmmakers don't have Hollywood marketing money to toss around. And if you're like most filmmakers, by the time you read this article, odds are good that you spent all your money in production. "Your audience is your business. Without an audience, you have no business." [click to … [Read more...]

FREE Marketing Advice For Filmmakers


Today I am supplying free marketing advice to filmmakers. (On this website, I usually always provide free advice of some sort.) And before you read another word, know this: The marketing tactics I'm about to share only work for smart, ambitious, entrepreneurial filmmakers. So if you're still living in a 1995 filmmaking paradigm,  stop reading now. I'll see you when your … [Read more...]

Modern Marketing For Filmmakers


Modern Marketing For Filmmakers When it comes to marketing your movie, you need to become proficient at driving targeted traffic to your movie website. While old school filmmakers could rely on various video stores and retail outlets to sell their movies, these days the popular marketplaces are Amazon and iTunes. Both of these markets are web based. And both … [Read more...]

Streaming Movies is OK If…

The other week I went on a minor rant about filmmakers hellbent on streaming movies from their movie website. And after some very thoughtful feedback, the truth is (as much as I hate admitting this) I realized I may have made an error. In my article, I mentioned that most customers will feel more comfortable watching movies on established platforms, such as Hulu, iTunes, … [Read more...]

Movie Sales Agent Screw Up

I can't go into details. I won't mention names. But as a filmmaker, it is emails like the one quoted below that make me go bonkers. I can't believe something like this can happen... But it does: "...I finally spoke to the (confidential television network) today and as it turns out the contract was never signed.  As you know without a signed contract we can't argue anything. … [Read more...]