Filmmaking Stuff Gets Updated

If you've been reading Filmmaking Stuff for any length of time, you probably noticed that Filmmaking Stuff has been updated. When I first started this site I had no idea that it would become one of the most popular filmmaking websites in existence. My goal at the time was merely to share some filmmaking information with the world. I remember sitting down and staring at … [Read more...]

Modern Filmmaking Business Plan

Most filmmaking business plans are stupid. Why? Because most filmmakers have no idea how to project a possible return on investment. Don't feel bad. It's not your fault. Until five years ago, distribution was discriminatory, abusive and monopolistic. As a result, the old business model for indie filmmaking relied heavily on some 3rd party, middle-man distribution … [Read more...]

Sell Your Movie For Maximum Profit

If you're already a seasoned feature filmmaker, take a moment and think back: Do you remember when the idea of making movies seemed like a far away dream? Do you remember when you first got the idea for your movie? Do you remember Your first day of production? Do you remember your first screening and how well everyone loved your work? That happened to me with my first … [Read more...]

New Filmmaking Service For Video On Demand Movie Distribution

If you're a filmmaker, I don't need to tell you that the world of filmmaking is changing. And if you're one of the many filmmakers with a feature film, but no ROI, then you probably already figured out that traditional distribution is no longer profitable. My questions: Do you have a feature collecting dust? Or do you know someone who failed to garner a traditional … [Read more...]

Self Distribution and MovieMaker’s Future of Movie Making 2010

Movie Maker Magazine The Future of Movie Making 2010

If you get by a news stand, make sure you check out the latest issue of MovieMaker magazine. It's The Future Of Movie Making 2010. In the issue, you'll get a whole bunch of useful movie making information, including the 25 Must-Have Movie Making Apps, information on HDSLR camera as well as a great interview with Roger Corman. But if you want my humble opinion, one of most … [Read more...]