Who Wants To Go Mad For Free?


Screenwriter Jurgen Wolff has kindly given me 10 free passes—each valued at $23—to his next online MAD–Massive Action Day, on Sunday, April 15, and one of them can be yours.

The idea is that you set a goal for the day and declare it on the MAD website and check in every hour to report your progress and watch a five minute live broadcast in which Jurgen gives tips and answers questions. Here’s the slightly crazy part: he does this for 15 consecutive hours so people in all time zones can take part. From all the reports I’ve heard it really powers up your productivity.

Below you can read Jurgen’s article on the missing link in a lot of short films and, at the end, a bit more about how you could use the MAD–or you can go here to read all about it: http://massiveactionday.com/new-annual-mad-sign-up-page/

I’ll award the passes to the first ten people to comment below!

I will then pass the winners’ names along to Jurgen and he’ll send you the sign-in details.

End Creative Procrastination

As filmmakers and screenwriters, it is easy to procrastinate. And it is a slippery slope. Despite your best efforts, sometimes life gets in the way of your projects. Next thing you know – a whole year goes by and you are no closer to completing your projects than before.

Veteran Screenwriter Jurgen Wolff has a solution. He is hosting a virtual Massive Action Day on Saturday, Oct. 1.

Here is a quick description of Massive Action Day:

On the Massive Action Day YOU declare a goal for the day on the MAD website and then check in once an hour to report on your progress and say what you’ll do in the next hour.

Jurgen offers tips on a short hourly live video feed and participants encourage each other via the chat window–it’s motivating and makes it fun to focus on getting a lot done.

One participant said it was the most productive day of her life.

Massive Action Day is all online and it’s all FREE…

Jurgen even gives away prizes along the way. He stays online for 17 hours, so it works for just about any time zone. You can get more information and sign up here: www.WritingBreakthroughStrategy.com/MAD


Screenwriting MAD Event

If you’re currently working on your next movie script, this might be of interest to you. My screenwriting friend Jurgen Wolff is hosting another MAD (Massive Action Day) on April 9. It’s all online and it’s free.

According to Jurgen, here’s how it works:

You commit to working on some writing (or other) project that is important to you for up to 8 hours, with short breaks every hour. You plan it so you know what you’ll be doing (for instance, nobody will actually write for 8 hours, but it could be a combination: some research, some writing, some getting organized, etc.) You don’t have to participate for the full 8 hours–even four or six hours of focused effort will give you a big boost.

Everybody checks in online very briefly every hour (during the breaks) to say what they achieved in the past hour and what their goal is for the next one. These messages will be posted in our chat window and we can support each other.

Every hour Jurgen will create a five-minute live video feed to give you a little tip or motivational quote to help keep everybody motivated. During your time together, Jurgen will also randomly award some prizes, like a book or another useful item.

The MAD event starts at 9am London time on Saturday, perfect for the UK and Europe, and he will stay on the air until 2am Sunday morning so people in the US and Canada can get their full eight hours in as well. In the last event, Jurgen had participants from Russia, Bali, India and New Zealand as well!

Here are some more comments from our first MAD:

“This feels good—have been wanting to get this story sorted out for ages”…
“Amazing how much work we all do together!” …
“This is such a great way to work!” …
“I am so focused it’s as if my mind has had a kick up the backside.”

Join Jurgen and other writers from all over the globe and give your project a great shot of energy and momentum.

To reserve your spot, go here: www.writingbreakthroughstrategy.com/MAD

Let me know how it goes!