Who Wants To Go Mad For Free?

WHO WANTS TO GO MAD? Screenwriter Jurgen Wolff has kindly given me 10 free passes—each valued at $23—to his next online MAD--Massive Action Day, on Sunday, April 15, and one of them can be yours. The idea is that you set a goal for the day and declare it on the MAD website and check in every hour to report your progress and watch a five minute live broadcast in which … [Read more...]

End Creative Procrastination

As filmmakers and screenwriters, it is easy to procrastinate. And it is a slippery slope. Despite your best efforts, sometimes life gets in the way of your projects. Next thing you know - a whole year goes by and you are no closer to completing your projects than before. Veteran Screenwriter Jurgen Wolff has a solution. He is hosting a virtual Massive Action Day on Saturday, … [Read more...]

Screenwriting MAD Event

If you're currently working on your next movie script, this might be of interest to you. My screenwriting friend Jurgen Wolff is hosting another MAD (Massive Action Day) on April 9. It's all online and it's free. According to Jurgen, here's how it works: You commit to working on some writing (or other) project that is important to you for up to 8 hours, with short breaks … [Read more...]