How To Create a Film Website (So You Can Sell Your Movie)

film website

Your filmmaker website will go through two stages. The first stage of your film website is your pre-launch promotional stage. During this time, your film website will consist of your movie title, a synopsis and some fancy images that express what your are tying to accomplish. You should also include a blog. When we launched the film website for Toxic Soup, we focused on … [Read more...]

New Hampshire Film Festival Marketing Panel


The world of film distribution is changing fast. A while back I participated the New Hampshire Film Festival marketing panel with movie marketing and distribution professionals, including folks from Oscilloscope Pictures, Magnolia and the movie marketing heavyweight, Tim Nett. Many of the participants represent well known movie companies. As a result, the  panel was valuable … [Read more...]

Movie Website Marketing For Filmmakers

Filmmakers: Do you have websites for your movies? When you're in the filmmaking process, getting a website up and running is one of those things that filmmakers oftentimes forget. Please don't. Given the ways in which distribution is changing, having a great website for your movie is probably one of the most important aspects of your eventual movie marketing campaign. If … [Read more...]