Who Is Your Target Audience?


Every week at least one filmmaker emails me with something like this: “I made a movie and we just won best picture at a regional festival you never heard of! In this movie marketing article, find out how I respond.

Fail To Plan and Your Film Fails


As a filmmaker it is important to remember that you are creating and selling a product. Yes, your movie is your product. And like any entrepreneur you must plan for the marketing, sales and distribution of your movie. And if you fail to plan for this, your movie fails. Who Is Your Target Audience? To […]

Film Ideas That Sell

As a filmmaker your success depends on your ability to produce film ideas that sell. And unless you…

Before You Finance Your Movie

One of the toughest challenges you have is getting money to make your movie. Part of why this is challenging is because you have no idea how you are going to sell your movie. Without a clear plan on how you will market and sell your movie, you do not have a business – you have a hobby.