Five Ways To Make Your Short Film Awesome

Make Your Short Film Awesome

When I got into filmmaking, short films were viewed as a calling card. You'd make a short, get into festivals and hope someone would come along and offer you a gazillion dollars to fund your feature. While making a short film is still a great representation of your talent, advancements in streaming video has created a lot of opportunity for the short filmmaker. Of course, … [Read more...]

Stop Making Excuses And Make Your Movie

Make Your Movie

A few weeks back my filmmaker friend Jared invited me over to help out with a short project. This is not new. Over the past few months, Jared has been cranking out short movies. The reason for this? We are gearing up to make our next feature. And in ways akin to a boxer training for the big fight - Jared is working out. In doing so, we are once again asking ourselves an … [Read more...]

Make a Short Film


Image via Wikipedia At Brubaker Films, we get many inquires from folks touting their short films and seeking financial help. As a filmmaker, I was in the exact situation a few years back. It makes sense... A great short film is, well, great. And assuming the sucka is produced well, a short film has the power to create buzz and show off your talents as a Hollywood … [Read more...]