How My Seven Day Feature Fell Apart (And What I Did)

Making Your First Feature 4

How My Seven Day Feature Fell Apart (And What I Did) - By Filmmaker Matthew Saxon Making films is without doubt, one of the most rewarding and most frustrating professions any individual can choose (although some might say it is the profession that does the choosing!). Regardless, if you are making your first film, I am going to share what I learned... The hard … [Read more...]

Who Else Wants To Make A Movie?


Whenever I give talks on modern moviemaking, there is invariably someone in the audience who asks if I would personally produce his or her brilliant idea into a movie. In answering this question, I have to ask why the person wants to make movies? “Because I want to be famous.” At this point my jaw drops to the floor. People like this will rarely succeed as … [Read more...]

Film Fundraising: 5 Crowdfunding Mistakes to Avoid


In this guest filmmaking article, filmmaker Brad Kageno shares what he learned with his crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter and provides you with 5 Crowdfunding mistakes to avoid... Film Fundraising: 5 Crowdfunding Mistakes to Avoid As I type this, I am halfway through my Kickstarter campaign for my feature I Hate You.  We're about one-third of the way toward our goal, … [Read more...]

Make A Movie

If you want to make a movie, you need to stop making mental lists of all the reasons why your movie won't work. You need to stop pretending that you need more money. You need to stop letting life pass you by... This is the problem with most filmmakers. They get paralysis of analysis. They make excuses. And then another year passes without a feature. I know why. You're … [Read more...]